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Knowledge Holding Board of Directors


Mr. Shashi Bhattarai

pramod pradhan

Mr. Pramod Sagar Singh Pradhan


Mr. Suresh Kumar Regmi


Mr. Prashant Lal Shrestha


Mr. Khusbu Sarkar Shrestha


Chief Operations Officer
Ms. Nayana Amatya

Who we are

Promoted by a group of elite ICT academics and business people, Knowledge Holding International (K-Hint) is the first of its kind in Nepal. K-Hint is strongly backed by IT professionals of diverse expertise and experience from IT Professional Forum (ITPF) Nepal and enjoys a unique knowledge-sharing approach.

K-Hint was started by 16 professionals from diverse backgrounds. It aims to pool together the knowledge base as well as other resources from these professionals to put together a unique approach to addressing any client's needs. With years of experience in consulting, research as well as trainings and workshops, K-Hint is your one stop ICT service destination.

Knowledge Holding team

Working modality
How do we work?

• Innovation and Competitiveness: Focus on innovative services and not to stick with conventional approaches so that competitive environment is generated in the local as well as global commercial service market.

• Low Cost and High Volume Approach: Start from product / services that demand low cost and high impact to the clients and shareholders.

• Resource Sharing: Use the resources (specialists, equipments etc) of partner and alliances rather than investing on them (e.g. shareholders companies / institutions etc.)

• Collaborative Relationships: Develop collaborative relationships with other local (including South Asian) and global partners for resource support and business value addition.

• Focus on New Technologies: Focus on New Technology optimize the resource cost, efficiency, knowledge sharing, reaching to target clients, monitoring and evaluation.

• Company of Excellence with Resource and Knowledge Hub: Generating national and international knowledge warehouse in the field, creating competitive environment for practicing professionals.